Options controlling the virtual leased line feature.

Allowed child options:

Global settings for VLL connections.

Socket Buffer Size int:
send/receive buffer size in bytes for VLL connections; a value of '0' uses the default
Defunct Time int:
milliseconds before a silent endpoint is considered defunct
Drop Time int:
milliseconds before a silent endpoint is dropped; should be higher than the defunct time
Connect Time int:
milliseconds before a connecting endpoint is dropped
Ordered Time int:
milliseconds before traffic not yet in order is sent anyway
Synchronize bool:
send synchronize packets when a possible disconnection is detected; this could cause excessive bandwidth use when using a very large number of connections
RTO unsigned int:
maximum RTO value for connections

Experimental configuration of interface-specific parameters for VLL.

Alternative external IP addresses per interface for avoiding issues with simple NATs.

Experimental configuration type for the token bucket filter. Set slightly below the interface rate to avoid congestion which would lead to latency and thus poor performance with the bonding algorithm.

VLL instances.

VLL address pools for allocating IP addresses to tunnel endpoints.